Solution Mentors offers many partnership methods to engage in meaningful and productive business relationships. This enables us to offer our services in the best way possible to suit unique needs of your company and tailor our services to your challenges.


Referral Partners

Our referral partnerships are designed to reward your ability to indicate potential new customers and clients to Solution Mentors. Once you have made your referral, Solution Mentors takes over from there, initiating contact and handling every step of the process from there.

You can trust us to handle your referred customers and clientele with utmost care and respect. We will handle all negotiations, all administrative processes, and close on our deliveries with the same outstanding customer care that we provide to all clientele. Our referral partners are rewarded with a commission fee for every referral!

Make the most of your network by becoming a Referral partner today.


Sales Partnerships

Leverage your existing network to gain revenue with a sales partnership with Solution Mentors.

Our sales partners identify potential new customers and clientele and handle the negotiation and deal closure as an independent sales representative. Then Solution Mentors takes it from there.

After you have completed the sale, we provide the services, administrative services and account management to complete the deal that you negotiated. We handle the service, and you receive the revenue for having closed the deal.

Our sales partners experience the advantage of generating sales-based revenue without having to invest the time it takes to fulfill provided services. It’s a great way to maximize potential revenue within your existing network, and to make new connections along the way. Become a Sales Partner today.


Resale Partnerships

Your existing network and client base may have needs that you either don’t have time for, or maybe don’t have the resources to fully complete, but you want to keep your clients happy and provide the outstanding services they have come to expect from you.

If this describes you and your company, then a Resale Partnership with Solution Mentors is exactly the right fit for you.

This enables you to provide the same robust and excellent customer care and account management you would with any other customer, but Solution Mentors provides the service delivery. Our Resale partners handle all negotiations and deal closures, manage their customers’ accounts and administrative tasks, and deliver our services via our provided user-friendly platforms.

The benefit for you is that you get to increase your revenue by providing our services at a special, low rate locked in just for our Resale partners.

Maximize your client base using your customer service expertise matched with our robust service packages. Contact us today to find out how to become a Resale Partner with Solution Mentors!


Profit Sharing Partnerships

Gain access to at-cost service deliveries by becoming a Profit Sharing Partner with Solution Mentors. We will invest our product development resources and offer our industry expertise and offer our services at budget-friendly, at-cost rates in exchange for a revenue sharing model.

For as long as we have four to five people working on a project at any given time, we can help you to ease up on your budget and financial constraints while gaining access to affordable services. Contact us today to become a Profit Sharing Partner!


Equity Sharing Partnerships

Solution Mentors believes it is important to recognize and involve newcomers and startups. That’s why we offer our Equity Sharing Partnerships to offer our robust, amazing service solutions at cost in exchange for equity. Four to five people working on your project is all you need to gain access to these amazing rates and get the support and service you need to hit the ground running. Contact us to find out how to become and Equity Sharing Partner.


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