Cloud migrations

Solution Mentors is your reliable partner for your business cloud strategy

The cloud computing services continue to gain momentum in business. A recent study by research firm Gartner predicts that by 2015, business spending on cloud services could reach $180 billion worldwide.

The main drivers for businesses to make a switch are:

Increasing data safety

Solution Mentors works with most recognized cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace) and has outstanding pool of IT professionals, procedures and policies in place to make sure that your data is protected against threats. Jointly we offer security options that many companies can’t afford on themselves.

Operations agility

Achieve operation agility by simply scaling up or down your cloud capacity as your business needs. No hardware procurement, installation, provisioning, etc are longer needed. Your cloud infrastructure is always available and ready to go in matter of minutes.

Cost reducing

With pay-as-you-go subscription model, you are paying for resources you actually consume. No up-front investments to build and maintain on-premises installations are longer required.


Cloud gives your business collaborative working environment which all employees can access from virtually anywhere.

Our Cloud Offering

Whether you’re enterprise, technology startup, service provider or government agency looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Solution Mentors can provide comprehensive cloud computing offering tailored to your business needs.

Public Cloud

Maximize your cloud agility while keeping your budget low.

Private Cloud

Get ultimate performance and security in virtualized dedicated environment.

Hybrid Cloud

Mix and match public cloud and private cloud (hosted and on- premises).

Managed Services

Discover fully managed services regardless your cloud type, configuration and complexity.

Our core offering includes:

Public Cloud

Solution Mentors provides configurations based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Windows Azure Services Platform and Rackspace OpenStack Cloud Platform. These clouds vendors are inexpensive in set-up, and provides pay-per- usage subscription model, so, the costs incurred are based on the capacity that is consumed.

Depending on your business cloud strategy and goals, technology software stack, we can provide optimal configuration maximizing your cloud potential while keeping the budget reasonable.

While being good starter approach, public clouds have some limitations that might not fit for all organizations, specifically configuration limitation, using sensitive data that is subject for compliance regulations.

Private Cloud

Solution Mentors can provide private cloud offering based on both on-premises and Rackspace Private Cloud Offering. Your business can benefit from industry-leading virtualization technology (VMWare, Microsoft HyperV) in more secure and dedicated environment without a significant upfront investments.

Since private cloud instances are not shared with other users, you can get predicable performance for specific applications and workloads, as wells as, data protection and segregation requirements driven by compliance regulations.

Hybrid Cloud

Solution Mentors’ hybrid cloud offers maximum flexibility that allows businesses to decide which resources will go to the public cloud and or will remain in private cloud (on-premises and/or hosted). There could be multiple reasons for this, especially for enterprises and government agencies, starting from significant in-house infrastructure investment, up to desire to control sensitive data in-house.

Custom Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solution Architect team is available 7 days a week. Please contact us and we will try to find cloud solution that best matches your needs.

  • Cloud backup

  • Cloud disaster recovery

  • Desktop as a service

  • Cloud hosted PBX

Custom Cloud Solutions

At Solution Mentors we work with cloud service providers to deliver you fully managed service regardless of your cloud type, configuration and complexity.

  • Up-to-date cloud infrastructure

  • Optimal performance of software

  • Cloud platforms monitoring

  • Support ready to help 24/7

Our Approach

Here, at Solution Mentors we treat every customer individually. Our iterative Cloud Enablement Methodology helps you to get the right cloud configuration that meets your business needs. This approach is suitable for existing environments being transferred to the cloud as well as for the new ones that are being deployed from a scratch.

Solution Mentors’ Methodology is based on the following steps:

1. Cloud Solution Use-Case

During initial 30-mins consultation, our Cloud Solution Architects will learn more about your organization’s needs and goals and answer any questions about Solution Mentors’ cloud offering.

2. Existing IT Environment assessment and metrics collection

For complex use-cases we might need to get more information about your current infrastructure, collect metrics, setup a base line for further planning.

3. Cloud Solution Proposal

Based on your goals and requirements, our Cloud Solution Architects will come up with recommendation of our Cloud services.

4. Execute Statement of Work

We will work with you to execute a standard statement of work for fixed services or customized engagement.

5. Cloud Solution Design and Development

On this stage we work on detailed specification, including all necessary technical documentation, project documentation, deployment and rollback plan, etc. We will answer any questions you might have along the way.

6. Cloud Solution Implementation

On this stage we strictly follow implementation plan and promptly communicate all updates so all stakeholders have clear picture of implementation state. For complex use-cases this might involve several environments (e.g. staging, production, DR) and have additional steps like user acceptance testing, training and data migration.

7. Cloud Solution Support and Maintenance

If our Managed Service was bundled into Cloud Solution engagement, we continue to monitor cloud environment, otherwise, we’re assisting you to become self-sufficient in your cloud management and ready to lend a hand if any help would be needed.

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