Managed Cloud Operations

Solution Mentors provides a full spectrum of managed services for your on-premises and cloud infrastructure

In the current world, outsourcing of IT infrastructure support and operations became an obvious choice for organizations focusing on growing their business and understanding that data losses, security breaches, and poor performance can have a negative impact.


Solution Mentors can manage your organization in day-to-day IT operations. We can assure you that your systems will be updated, data backed up and performing optimally.


Server Management

Our server management services deliver flexible, quality server management, and support services at optimum costs. Our skilled system administrators are certified professionals who can take over the responsibility of managing, monitoring & securing servers.

System Design and Capacity Planning

Based on your solutions specifics and operation requirements, Solution Mentors can advise on physical architecture design, backup and recovery, capacity planning and develop a clear plan of how to update your existing infrastructure to meet these needs.

System Implementation Services

Solution Mentors provides “ready to go” system setup - fully configured servers, monitoring, alerting and administration tools. All configurations are tested against the number of scenarios to identify and fix potential bottlenecks at the earliest possible stage.

Operating System Administration

Solution Mentors provides a full set of services around operating system security hardening, patching, and upgrading.

Operating System Hardening

Solution Mentors follows industry standards for security hardening, including Security Technical Implementation Guide. They include standardizing security protocols within networks, servers, computers, and logical designs that enhance overall security. These guides, when implemented, improve security for software, hardware, physical and logical architectures to further reduce vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and Alerting

Solution Mentors monitors the performance, availability, network connectivity, and security of supported servers around the clock. Going further, we can work with you and incorporate your solution specific checks to the central monitoring & alerting system to provide unified user experience and streamline operations.

Technical Support

Solution Mentors provides dedicated support personnel who can be contacted on a 24x7 basis for technical assistance via email and phone calls.

Proactive Maintenance

Solution Mentors performs preventative maintenance of underlying hardware, operating systems, and application software regularly. All activities are scheduled during the time windows discussed and confirmed by the customer.