Managed Database Services

Solution Mentors makes your data accessible and efficient

In today’s world, databases are critical parts of organization IT ecosystem.After certain period of time companies start facing challenges in managing increasing data volume and struggling with meeting business expectations for performance and availability.


If you company is a fast growing startup using bleeding-edge database technology in the cloud or mature enterprise mining its data on-premises, Solution Mentors’s Database Managed Service ensures first class database support and continuity for the most demanding business operations.


Solution Mentors’s team of highly skilled database professionals has all necessary technical and process expertise to take care of your databasesneeds starting from database design, capacity and continuity planning, setup &installations to database administration, maintenance and patching, backup & restoration and much more.

We provide multiple options:

  • Remote DBA services – Remote 24/7 database service center

  • Managed services – Monitoring and health reports

  • Part time DBA – Dedicated database professional

Database Administration

Solution Mentors Database Administration includes a variety of administration services such as installation of database software, setup and configuration of underlying operating system and database instances, database security, patching, tuning and performance analysis, troubleshooting, auditing, backups and disaster recovery planning.

Database Design and Capacity Planning

Architecture and capacity planning are important parts of database environment. Solution Mentors can perform architecture review for both existing and new environments. Our service includes service level response measurement and quantification, analyzing application needs and required database solutions, identifying high availability and business continuity needs, capacity planning, creating projection for future.

Database Upgrade and Migration

Data evolving at an exponential rate (doubles every two years). Keeping your databases at the last version is important for many reasons. Bug fixes, new features, optimization improvements, vendor support and more are just some of them. Solution Mentors’s experienced team can make your database upgrade and migration process as smooth as possible. We will create comprehensive upgrade plan outlining necessary preparation steps, actual upgrade, testing plan, rollback plan, and acceptance plan. Our standard offering also includes database fine tuning and post-upgrade support during warranty period.

Database Security Hardening

Our team is committed to adhere to the security standards and policies for data at rest. We apply data encryption, authentication methods, authorization, access restrictions, security policies and auditing to ensure that your organization data is secure and protected.

Database Performance monitoring and enhancement

We ensure optimized performance of business critical databases. We can help to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks related to the infrastructure, hardware and software database configuration, application queries and processes running.

Database Change Control and Patch Management

Our service enriches data consumption by constant updating of database software and underlying operating system according to the vendor’s recommendations.

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