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With the comprehensive “Startup Technology Care” offering from Solution Mentors we can make your startup journey seamless, transforming your idea toward viable product or service, creating web presence, providing fully managed operations and on-going support.

Product Companies/

Solution Mentors can help product companies to accelerate product development, achieve performance, meet new functional and interface requirements to improve customer satisfaction, improve quality and decrease time-to-market, hence making the product more competitive on the market.


Benefit from choosing Solution Mentors as your technology partner. Get access to trained and highly skilled resource with solid experience in enterprise software development. We can staff your project team quickly and make instant impact.

No matter the size or nature of your business, Solution Mentors is here to help

The comprehensive "Startup Technology Care" offering from Solution Mentors takes the challenge of developing, managing and maintaining the technology side of your venture off the shoulders of startups owners giving them an opportunity to focus on business growing.

Regardless of your internal team’s capabilities, stage of your venture lifecycle, whether your startup requires complete technology solution or only certain components, Solution Mentor’s offering will be tailored to your specific needs.

Being a full cycle technological company we can make your startup journey seamless, transforming your idea toward viable product or service, creating web presence, providing fully managed operations and on-going support.

We understand startups, instrumental in trending technologies, believe in Minimum Viable Product, know what VCs will expect from you technology-wise, located in SoCal.

With ever increasing competitive pressure and consumer demands, it's vital for the product companies to keep all aspects of their product lifecycle effective and up to date. In real life, however, routine tasks, existing engagements and liabilities typically don't give enough room for new technologies evaluation, product innovation, processes optimization which might have negative impact for the business.

For companies having existing software products, Solution Mentors provides full range of services tailored to their specific needs, including custom software development, software modernization, managed support of cloud and on-premises installations, managed QA and software testing, cloud and mobile enablement, managed devops and operations and much more.

Professional Services and System Integrator companies can benefit a lot from partnering with Solution Mentors.

We provide flexible engagement models without long-term commitments that are ideal for work on per-project basis. We are happy to work within different process frameworks including traditional Waterfall, Agile Scrum and Kanban, which guarantees easy team adoption and predictable results.

With more than 10 years of experience, development of large Enterprise Document Management, Case Management and Dynamic Case Management solutions is Solution Mentors's primary area of expertise.

Solutions of such scale typically use multiple technologies and products integrated together. For core integrations we use industry leading technologies like Salesforce's or Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint. Custom components are typically developed using enterprise .NET or Java platforms. For mobile applications we have options between native or HTML5 apps running on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Win Mobile platforms.

We can also tackle pre-sales activities (creating estimates, answering and consulting on RFPs), rapid prototype building, managed QA and testing service, managed support, devops and operations.

Why choose between scope, budget, time to market and quality?

Get them all with Solution Mentors

We can help you to save up to 50% of your custom software projects
or operation costs without compromising quality

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Solution Mentors - One-stop shop for all your technology needs

Custom Software Development/

Whether you need custom solutions for web, desktop or mobile, we can build or modernize custom software tailored specifically to your business needs. You can leverage the power of cloud and our managed service to reduce go-to-market time and optimize operation costs. Learn More...

QA & Testing/

When it comes to the software quality these days, there is no room for an error. Modern applications demanding end-user’s experience and technology variety, interoperability, responsiveness and compliance makes software testing challenging task. Learn More...

Managed Services/

In the current world, outsourcing of IT infrastructure support and operations became obvious choice for the organizations focusing on growing their business and understanding that data losses, security breaches, and poor performance can have negative impact. Learn More...

Cloud Solutions/

Whether you’re enterprise, technology startup, service provider or government agency looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Solution Mentors can provide comprehensive cloud computing offering tailored to your business needs. Learn More...

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