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Solution Mentors’ Cookie Policy

Solution Mentors is a global company, offering IT and consulting services to businesses of all sizes. We empower them to streamline their operations by supplying them with enthusiastic tech teams, responsible for planning, managing, developing, and supporting information technology infrastructure.

At Solution Mentors, we respect your right for privacy and put relations with our customers at the forefront of our business. In particular, to improve your customer experience, we use cookies on our site, like many other companies. To make sure your data is safe, you can check our cookie policy or send us an email.

1. What do ‘Cookies’ mean?

‘Cookies’ are small text files, downloaded to your gadget or PC when you surf the Internet. With the help of these files, companies are able to better understand your interactions with their websites (like your preferred device, pages you consider most relevant or visit most often, etc.) and improve your sessions. Cookies allow you to deliver the most relevant personalized content (for example, a version of the website), based on your previous experience.

Here at Solution Mentors, we treat your sensitive information, as well as browsing data, like our own. That is why we never sell or share the date, captured by cookies, with any third parties.

In case you do not want web browsers to collect cookies during your sessions on the Internet, you can opt out them in your browser settings.

2. What kind of information we may collect

While you are browsing our website, we monitor how you react to our content, advertisements, what device you use and other minor technical details, such as screen width, web beacons etc. Except for the cookies from your browser, we can collect cookies from other platforms and websites as well.

Social media platforms and third-party services. If you opt for a single sign-on option to our website or platform via your social media profile (like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing) or link it to our services any other way, the above-mentioned platforms can transfer some of your private data to us. These may include your friends/connections list, email, interests, liked pages, and so on. If you do not want to share any of such information with us, you can decline access to it in the applications settings on your social media account. Please, note, that just like with cookies on our website, we do not pass such kind of data to anyone, under any circumstances.

Google Analytics and Semrush. Solution Mentors also uses cookies supplied by Google Analytics and Semrush to gather user statistics of our Website. These tools do not share your personal information with us. We also do not upload any personal data or data that can identify your particular device to Google Analytics.

3. How we use cookies from EEA users

The cookies also allow us to track user activity, analyze it, and help you instantly find the web page you have browsed previously, as well as to tailor our marketing activities to your specific needs and enhance our services.

For instance, we can use web beacons on our website to set up and access cookies, as well as to view your user journey in order to understand if a user interface is intuitive enough. Through web beacons, we can collect your IP address, general data about the browser you use, and see the time when you have viewed the web beacon. Additionally, we can send different offers, coupons, discounts, etc. to an email address you share with us.

To understand when and why we use cookies or other tracking tools, you can get acquainted with the information below.

For marketing purposes

To set up tags on our website not through code lines, but in a user-friendly interface, we use the Google Tag Manager. These tags enable us to track website traffic, evaluate how effective are our marketing and advertising campaigns, adapt our remarketing to evolving customer needs, improve targeting, and to optimize our website. Google Tag Manager does not collect any cookies, which means it does not capture your personal information.

For monitoring website performance and gathering analytics

To improve our websites and adapt them to your needs, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics collects cookies to help us understand your experience with our website. The data captured this way (including your IP address), is sent to and stored on the Google servers in the USA. Google collects such data to determine how you use our website and to generate reports about the website performance.

For streamlining your user experience

The cookies and other tracking tools we use allow to store data about your preferences based on your previous interactions with our website, namely language, communication channels, etc. They also help you auto-fill the forms on our websites and demonstrate you the most relevant web pages.

For customized advertisements

Via the tracking tools, including cookies, we trace through your activity on our websites, viewed pages, and followed links. The only purpose we use this information for is improving your customer experience and adapting our services to your demands. Such information can also be transferred to the third parties we partner with (like Google AdWords, etc.). This helps them to use the data about your interactions with our website, session duration, IP-based location, and so on in order to create more relevant advertisements about our products and services according to your interests.

4. How we protect your personal data

We undertake all possible security measures (including administrative, physical, and technical levels) to protect your personal information we collect, use, and store. Though, like any other company that uses the Internet on the background, we cannot guarantee you 100% security.

5. How we store your information

We process, manage, and store the details you have shared with us on the hardware and servers, located in Ukraine and the USA.

In case you are an EEA citizen, we want to warn you that we can transfer and store your personal information outside the European Economic Area. Please note that data protection regulations in these countries may differ from those in the EEA. Thus, if you contact us or sign up to our services, we can pass your information to another location in order to be able to respond to your message or provide you the services according to our agreement in full.

This means that browsing our website, you agree to transfer your information to any location outside EEA, including Ukraine, where we have our headquarters. There, either we or our partners who enable us supplying you with services, can store and use this information in strict compliance with this Cookie Policy or any other agreements, terms, and conditions between you and our company.

6. How to manage cookies

If you want to disable or manage cookies, you can address the guide on This website helps to configure your browser settings for the purpose of preventing saving cookies in the future, as well as allows you to control or delete the existing cookie files from your computer. Because of this, you may need to set up your permissions for cookies capturing every time you visit the same website. This can also affect the performance of some websites and online services.

Pay attention that you cannot block the cookies that are an important part of some services. Additionally, we always will notify you about cookies policy that applies to our website.

7. Links to external sources

Solution Mentors website can also contain links to the third-party websites, relevant to our content. Though, when you follow these links and leave our website, we cannot be responsible for protecting your personal data on the websites you will be redirected to. Thus, we strongly recommend you to check each website’s privacy or cookie policy in order to make sure your data is safe.