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Managed support services from Solution Mentors
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Cloud Governance

Do you want to minimize tech efforts and maximize cloud performance or get a customized infrastructure based on Microsoft’s best practices? Our Azure technical support team aims at getting what you want using the frameworks and tools you prefer. Delegate day-to-day operations to professionals and get an automated policy structure that will prevent any unpredictable situations with your cloud environment.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Ransomware, hacking, viruses, and malware are the risks that your business can face. Luckily, the right Microsoft Azure components will protect you all while ensuring full compliance thanks to profound security expertise. Our cybersecurity engineers and other technical experts will assist in recognizing and avoiding all the possible threats to make your IT environment safer and eliminate potential risks.

Efficient troubleshooting

By choosing Azure managed support services, you get experienced 24/7 technical support that allows you to reduce the burden of monitoring, managing, and operating Azure infrastructure components. Solution Mentors IT specialists resolve incidents faster, identify the potential difficulties, and take measures to avoid them. With our managed services in Azure, all your IT processes stay as smooth as possible.

Reducing operating cost

Solution Mentors managed services for Microsoft Azure to reduce your administrative overheads, which becomes another crucial advantage for the business. You get a team of Azure cloud experts who support your business and bring practical knowledge and experience to help it thrive. Flexible and modular support services will give you the opportunity to invest more effectively.

Improving network reliability

Proactive support services are a perfect option for companies who demand the utmost in network reliability. At Solution Mentors, we provide our clients with the proactive monitoring and management of IT networks. As a result, you will minimize the occurrence of IT failures and protect all aspects of the system: security, applications, data, and hardware.

Deploy Azure support services from Solution Mentors


  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).
  • 24x7 Operations Support Center (Help Desk, KB).
  • 24x7 engineering availability to perform system administration jobs.
  • Consolidated billing of cloud services (AWS, Microsoft) and managed services.


  • Deployment of VMs, application components and native cloud services.
  • Post-deployment smoke checks and verifications.
  • Custom networking, subnets, security groups, VPNs.


  • Monitoring specialists collect metrics, monitor log files, sets of triggers.
  • Centralized 360 degrees views on monitored computing resources (VMs, applications, and services).
  • Graphical visualization of monitored computing resources performance metrics.

Security Optimization and Hardening

  • System functionalities management and configuring to decrease its surface of susceptibility.
  • Security perimeter scanning.
  • Endpoint scanning.
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  • Installation and configuration of OS, application components and native cloud services.
  • Configuration management, change control of deployed VMs, applications and services.

Patching and Upgrading

  • Management and deployment of critical and recommended patches (OS, application components).
  • Remediation issues occurred in response to monitoring alerts.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Readiness

  • Implement Backup for VMs, application components.
  • Deploy, configure, and monitor DR for VMs and application components.
  • Meet RTO and RPO for business continuity.

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Azure components
we cover

  • Azure Compute
  • Azure Containers
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Integration
  • Azure Migration
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Database
  • Azure Analytics
  • Azure AI + Machine Learning
  • Azure Internet of Things
  • Azure Networking
  • Azure Media
  • Azure Security
  • Azure Identity
  • Azure Web
  • Azure Mobile
  • Azure Management and

Take the best of Azure managed services

Cutback of expenditures

With our managed support services, you can protect your budget from extreme fluctuation and unpredictable expenses. As a managed service provider, we carry out maintenance and repairs as a part of the contract to improve your business stability and success.

Minimum Server Downtime

An expert Azure managed server team will cope with server operations and keep an eye on all processes to avoid the risk of downtime and increase business efficiency. Consequently, you prevent malfunctions, maximize server uptime and reduce downtime costs.

Compliance solutions

Solution Mentors can easily handle the complexities of compliance and auditing, so you do not need to worry about violating data security regulations. Environmental auditing will become more transparent and straightforward with our support.

Enhanced system functionality

Keep your cloud environment operating at its peak performance using Microsoft Azure components and services. You will enjoy the custom-built system with enhanced functionality tailored to your specific business operations.

On-time prevention

By partnering with a Managed Service provider, you get full assistance connected with monitoring and preventing your system from minor problems and emergencies. Such an approach allows you to focus more on your business and not on tech processes.

A team effort

If you wish to keep your Azure data components up and running, you need a team of technical experts to take care of them. By choosing Microsoft Azure managed services, you rely on well-trained and experienced professionals who will solve your IT issues.

Keep the focus on your core business with our assistance

Excellent Service

Solution Mentors always aspires to provide you with excellent service and customer care. We do not have a single unhappy customer so far, which means we offer professional customer service representatives with an efficient system at their disposal to solve any issues. We continuously improve our services in order to maintain customers’ base and fulfill their needs.



Technical competency is a determining factor of our company. Solution Mentors regularly take steps towards strengthening and enhancing the knowledge, skills, and behavioral attributes required for exceptional job performance. Our tech experience enables us to deliver unique value to our customers and develop strategic responsiveness to gain a competitive advantage.


Working in our clients’ best interests and performing the tasks based on their goals and objectives are conspicuous features of our commitment. The trust-based relations between our clients and the Solution Mentors team are essential for mutual success. We are devoted to consistent innovation in service quality and reliability to satisfy your requirements and tastes at most.

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