Custom Software Development Services

Since 2002 Solution Mentors has been developing high-quality custom software. Our primary expertise lies in creating complex B2B systems for enterprises and organizations that typically include components from the list below:


Desktop Applications

Windows Forms, WPF or UWP applications, optimized for maximum performance and productivity. Featuring integrations with Human Interface Devices (HID), Point of Services (PoS), USB devices, Bluetooth, 3D printer and Scanning devices. Windows services and system tray applications to perform background operations on the user’s computer or facilitate user interactions. Modular design, optimized for deployment in traditional or virtualized environments, adherence to strict corporate security requirements, and many more.


Web Applications and Systems

Modern SPA web applications built using ReactJS, AngularJS or ExtJS libraries and framework, Bootstrap, Material Design or Kendo UI components, LESS and SASS for CSS pre-processing, WebPack for javascript files bundling and ES6/7 or TypeScript transpiring. Best-in-class frameworks (Spring, ASP.NET MVC, Express) on Java, .NET, NodeJS and the wide selection of relational (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL) or NoSQL databases provide options to design and implement functionally rich backend systems. Micro-service architecture and container support allow to reduce infrastructure costs, minimize deployment time, and create resilient and scalable installations.


Mobile Applications

Native Mobile Applications built on iOS or Android optimized for performance and productivity, fully leveraging unique mobile devices’ hardware capabilities (acceleration, video cam, light, face & finger recognition, etc.). Universal Mobile Applications developed on cutting edge React Native, Sencha Touch2 or enterprise-grade Xamarin or Flutter frameworks allow us to have the same codebase and achieve better control of features across different mobile devices.



Complete IoT development practice built on top of Microsoft Azure or Amazon IoT offering, featuring comprehensive middle tier (device management, event processing, data management, analytics, API and security management) and robust multi-channel applications. Seamless integration with sensors, actuators, and other edge devices or actors.


RPA, AI, and Blockchain

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are emerging technologies that are shaping the essence of Business Digital Transformation for companies and organizations. Battle-tested RPA solutions from UI Path, Blue Prism, and Kryon in conjunction with unparalleled AI capabilities available in Microsoft Azure and AWS Сloud bring the Process Automation to the next level allowing implementing of complex use-cases like Cognitive Document Automation (CDA), Intelligent Screen Automation (ISA). Distributed Ledger Technology (aka Blockchain) when each transaction is secured cryptographically and shared across all the nodes on the network. There is no single point of failure, and each transaction is added to the network only after there is a quorum on the peers about the validity of the transaction. A combination of AI-driven blockchain as a data-sharing platform and RPA handling interaction with frontend will give efficiency gains.


Solution Mentors is happy to assist customers of all sizes across numerous industries. We're working with fast-growing startups, proven enterprises, non-profitable, and public sector organizations. Our unique custom development expertise and domain-specific knowledge make Solution Mentors an excellent choice to facilitate your technology transformation.

Why Solution Mentors?

Why Solution Mentors?

There are a few principles that we follow:


Cloud First

Cloud platforms truly redefine the way how enterprises and organizations do their business. Native cloud applications can fully benefit from using managed services, server-less computing, provisioning, elasticity, and redundancy. Existing applications initially developed for traditional deployment can also benefit from moving to the cloud (Cloud-Enabled applications) or consuming managed cloud services. Proper use of micro-service architecture, continuous software delivery, containers, and container orchestration systems provide a clear path to adapt existing applications, making them cloud-friendly, minimizing infrastructure overhead, costs, and manual efforts.

Solution Mentors partners with two IaaS/PaaS leaders: Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.


Principles of Software Development in Solution

Having more than 20 years' experience in designing, development, managing, and supporting complex distributed software systems, we formulated several principles that help us to deliver quality service to our customers:

  • - Autonomous, resilient software, micro-service oriented architecture
  • - Strict adherence to security standards and best practices from OWASP, NIST and DFS 500
  • - The industry adopted standards and protocols for security, data, APIs, etc
  • - Data and process integrity, logical reconciliation and checks
  • - Focus on automated tests and quality checks, system failure simulators (chaos)
  • - Focus on business continuity, high availability and fault tolerance
  • - Automated DevOps, build and release processes
  • - Adherence to the Agile process, producing solid shippable product increment on every iteration of the development cycle
  • - Focus on ease of operation.
Starter Templates

Starter Templates

Being in the software development business for more than 20 years, we have selected a few repeatable use-cases that resonate well with the projects we've been working on. During evolution, we came up with a core framework that allows us to reuse code, improve its quality, and optimize its performance. On top of the framework, we have built starter apps or templates that provide customization and integration capabilities, making them perfect for implementing particular solution use-cases. Each template comes with a complete DevOps process starting from source code management, CI/CD, automated tests, build & release management, automated deployments, and more.

Understanding that there are no two businesses or projects alike, we don’t position our starter apps as complete highly configurable yet hardly extensible products, but as a solid foundation for your project with its unique requirements and features. Starter apps allow us to set up a working environment in a matter of hours and start working on product features leaving commodity functionality available from out of the box.

Azure Native Cloud Multi-Tenant SaaS Starter Kit
Technology: ASP.NET Core MVC + ReactJS SPA, Service Fabric, Azure Cloud Native, Multi-Tenant SaaS.

Amazon Native Cloud Multi-Tenant SaaS Starter Kit
Technology: Node.js (Express) + React SPA, Java (Spring Framework) for backend services, Docker, Kubernetes / Amazon Container Service, Multi-Tenant SaaS.