Managed Support

Managed Support

Nowadays, companies are facing a set of challenges concerning market shifts in structure and capital requirements, noticeable technological changes and rapid growth of costs. If you are aware of these problems, managed support services from Solution Mentors will be an excellent option for you.

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Broaden your opportunities with support services

Office 365 Support

Office 365 offers a list of advantages that will significantly improve the efficiency of your business. Among the hottest opportunities are reducing IT operating costs, increasing flexibility, simplifying IT management and making the process more cost-effective. Office 365 Support Services help you forget about technical problems, providing you with expert 24x7x365 support.

Application Support

Due to technology development, more and more enterprises deal with consistent maintenance of their applications. Managed services have become a strategic management tool that eliminates your need to maintain specialized infrastructure and solutions; instead, you can increase user-satisfaction and free resources of your internal IT team to work on the core functions. With Application Support Services, you will get comprehensive assistance in managing and maintaining the application portfolio.


Cloud Support

Cloud technology provides numerous remarkable advantages, such as flexibility, the convenience of access and security. At the same time the complexity of the cloud is rising, so managing all of it on your own is a hard task. Cloud Support Services allow you to concentrate on your business while professionals focus on monitoring, testing, reporting, and other relevant issues.

Using three main ingredients


To satisfy your needs and let you enjoy advanced technologies, we set competence, reliability, and quality above all in our work. Experience in performing complicated tasks is a determining factor of Solution Mentors' success.



The ability to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing environment is essential to companies in the XXI century. Solution Mentors possess flexible service and scalable infrastructure that allows us to respond to changes quickly and effectively.

Engagement Models

In order to provide you with high-quality service, our team of professionals has developed expertise in the IT area and acquired in-depth knowledge that helps us to find the best suitable solutions.

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Empower your business with these perks

Time and resource efficiency

With managed support services, you get the freedom to spend time and skills on activities of value to your business. When you minimize technology-related frustrations, you get more opportunities to concentrate on demanding projects and achieve a higher level of productivity.

Instead of trying to do all the IT on your own and soon possibly get distracted by a volume of IT problems and decisions, you can follow the way of thousands of companies all around the world.

Additionally, days spent training new IT specialists are successfully transferred to Managed support services that let you save time and resources.

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Cost efficiencies

Switching to Managed Support Services you can substantially reduce infrastructure costs in different ways. It concerns the amount of infrastructure on-site, the cost of the hardware and the space required to keep it. What is more, you see savings related to training, consulting and licensing that can be better managed by experts.

Managed Support Services offer far more resources for the same or even less cost as hiring new specialists for your IT department. Turning to a reliable service provider, you get access to the most up-to-date technology solutions, protection from cyber threats and emergency repairs. Spending becomes controlled and predictable when you pay only for what you use and need.

Market-leading technologies
and platforms

One of the perks of using Managed Support Services is that by constant monitoring and management, you can count on continually upgraded IT systems. Having access to experts and their skillset, you are guaranteed to get proactive and beneficial solutions. Moreover, a team of qualified professionals will assist in keeping pace with ongoing demands for the IT area and quickly implement new technology. Managed Support Services ensure that you will acquire market-leading technologies and platforms to boost your potential and stay ahead of severe competition. According to the survey, companies with advanced technology are twice as profitable and three times as likely to reach revenue growth.

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Global reach

Managed Support Services offer you incredible access to worldwide talent and expertise that helps you to compete in the digital economy, where companies are demanding even more exceptional performance from their networks.

You will get to the market faster and extend your global reach with the technical expertise of a Managed service provider. You will enjoy customized services that are characterized as efficient, low-cost and flexible IT around the world.

Also, you will always stay ahead of the curve, using solutions that connect and operate across a global network and revealing the best practices.