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About Us

Solution Mentors is privately held consulting company with over 15 years of Information Technology experience. We are focusing on providing top-notch dedicated development teams, custom software development, QA & Software testing, cloud migrations, managed operations and many more.

Our journey began in 2002 with three passionate founders. Now, we are a trusted partner to many small and medium-sized companies, and public sector organizations. We currently hire over 100 employees located in 3 hubs in Ukraine and an office in Los Angeles. Yet, no matter how much we grow as an organization, we will always keep our client’s best interests at heart.

With development facilities in US and Ukraine we provide our customers with an exceptional service, lower costs and the ability to work around-the-clock. We understand that for many when it comes to work with remote teams, there may be concerns about efficiency and communication, however at Solution Mentors we always include local US resources speaking same language and residing in the same time zone as you do.

One-stop shop for all your informational technology needs

Solution Mentors offers an extensive range of technology services which are designed to help you stay up-to-date with global innovation. We realize that there are no two businesses or projects alike, so, we offer multiple engagement models which can then be further tailored to suit specific business needs.

Whenever you’re


Startup looking to get complete technology service including custom software development, QA and testing, managed operations and support

Product company

Product company looking for legacy software modernization, “saasify” or add mobility support to your product

Private company

Private company looking for transition to the cloud and outsource IT operations or looking for experienced vendor to work on one of your projects


Organization looking for digital transformation of your business processes or specific business solution

Any of above looking to extend your existing development force by bringing dedicated resources to work under your supervision — Solution Mentors is happy to help.

Why Solution Mentors

The market of Informational Technology providers is quite saturated and completion is high. There are great companies, but Solution Mentors managed to get its niche by following simple principles:

1. Specialization & Expertise. We definitely can’t be experts in all areas, but when it comes to areas of our expertise, we’re second to none. We spent more then 15 years developing hi-end software for companies around the globe, designing complex distributed systems, participating in deployments in most strict and regulated environments and much more. With Solution Mentors you can expect to hear fair feedback if your requirements are in line with our expertise.

2. Customer care. Regardless of how good delivered solutions or services were, human relations are extremely important for the project success. At Solution Mentors, we strive to have all phases from initiation and implementation to deployment and support to be as smooth and painless as possible. We respect professional etiquette and processes within your organization, but when it comes to emergency questions, you can rely on us.

3. Lower costs. We are not the cheapest provider available on the market and essentially our resources are quite expensive. However, blending US and Ukrainian resources gives us competitive advantage from the cost perspective while keeping communication, service quality and efficiency on the highest possible level.

Why Now

The majority of our clients have found us through word of mouth recommendation, we were not actively advertised our services since our longstanding customers were more than happy to do that for us!
As we heard from our customers, finding reliable technology partner with exceptional service quality, unparalleled customer care and reasonable price is truly challenging task, so we’re currently striving to be more visible on the market to introduce new business owners our services.

Do you want to see how our result-oriented approach can speed up your time to market? Send us an inquiry and our representatives will be in touch shortly to clarify all the details.

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Why choose between scope, budget, time to market and quality?

Get them all with Solution Mentors

We can help you to save up to 50% of your custom software projects or operatio costs without compromising quality

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