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Solution Mentors as a leading outsourcing
provider in Ukraine

We have been helping businesses to acquire high-tech solutions for over 20 years, through our experience we have evolved, and our experience has shown us how to develop the most efficient approach for each of our customers.

We now operate in 3 Ukrainian offices with an affiliate office based in Los Angeles.

We have attracted more than 100 best technical specialists from all over Ukraine to ensure we only provide the highest quality of our IT outsourcing services.

Top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine

Our business model was formed based on offering credibility, affordability, and transparency. Wherever you are in the world, and whatever the nature of your business, our experts will help you transform your IT visions into a reality. We're constantly adopting new technologies, alongside working with established modes of technology to ensure your business stays ahead of the technology curve.

Our complete solutions are designed with your future business goals in mind, and we are happy to create a tailormade solution that is perfect for your needs. Whether you want us to take care of everything, or share some of the workloads, we’re happy to help. Our transparent pricing and impartial advice mean that you will always receive the best solution for you.

We take care of the technical side of your company to allow you to focus on your business operations

Why Outsource to Ukraine?

In recent years Ukraine has gained the status of #1 outsourcing development hub due to its easy links to other countries and minimal time difference to the rest of Europe. According to Kearney, Ukraine lists in the top 50 countries for outsourcing.

In addition to affordable prices, IT companies in Ukraine take pride in their ability to train highly qualified tech specialists. Yearly, almost 40,000 students graduate from the Ukrainian universities, with 57% of them getting a STEM degree. EU and US residents don’t need visas to enter Ukraine, and since 2017 this applies to Ukrainian citizens in the Schengen zone as well.

Currently, the Ukrainian information technology industry looks as follows:


IT outsourcing companies

more than

skilled programmers
(growing by 20,000 yearly)


global research and development


of developers have an intermediate,
upper-intermediate or an advanced
level of English


years in outsourcing

Being in the outsourcing business and operating in multiple geographical locations, Solution Mentors takes security very seriously

We ensure security, IP, and data protection by the following measures including but not limited to:

On-premises server environments with authorized personnel only. Regular hardware and software maintenance, on-time security patching

Personnel computer security encrypted hard drives and external storage (flash)

Enterprise-grade network appliances to set up connections to and from client’s systems

Offices have access card entrance

Source control systems, document repositories, all the customer data have their own access permissions sets for relevant employees only

IP rights protection through employment agreements and corporate structure

Relationships with our clients are regulated by US legislation, including intellectual property rights and data protection