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The popularity of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 is hard to overestimate. Being a central hub for business content, Microsoft SharePoint is successfully used with another Microsoft product - Dynamics 365, known as a cloud-based business applications platform. This collaboration is beneficial for any business type as it helps to maintain a seamless operation with high performance.

Yet, managing these platforms requires a lot of effort and subject matter experts. So, additional resources in the person of skilled Microsoft certified engineers is a good option. They will easily undertake all the duties on maintaining the robust SharePoint infrastructure or support you with the Dynamics 365 platform. Such an approach will help you save precious time for your company processes while ensuring the IT side is totally controlled, and everything runs smoothly. The right specialists will help you understand and embrace the new functionality released by Microsoft.

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SharePoint and Dynamics 365 services

Through high-quality SharePoint and
Dynamics 365 Services


Managed SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Services

Managed SP and Dynamics 365 Services help proactively support your business-critical applications, enhance the SharePoint environment and provide proactive monitoring for Dynamics 365 deployment to maintain optimum performance.


Migration Services

Avoid and mitigate the risks of downtime and data loss with reliable Migration Services. You will be offered a customized tool-based approach for migration and upgrade the existing versions of Microsoft business applications to obtain the latest feature of Sharepoint Online and a stable Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment.

SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

With SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Consulting Services, you will get enhanced mentoring and the best practice resources to gain value from your business solutions. You will be able to leverage the advanced functionalities of both Microsoft platforms to streamline operations.


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Enhance your productivity with Microsoft contribution

Microsoft has toiled to generate an umbrella of office software that will suit both the leading companies and small enterprises. As a result, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint integration attracts more and more users in terms of IT effectiveness and powerful functionalities. The statistics show the following figures:

  • Over 30,000 customers in more than 80 countries and 40 languages depend on Microsoft Dynamics 365;
  • 53% of top-performing companies are investing in CRM to boost sales productivity;
  • The number of businesses using cloud-based CRM has increased from 12% (in 2008) to 87%;
  • 75% plus of Fortune 500 Companies use SharePoint;
  • More than 80% of Intranets are built on SharePoint;
  • Microsoft adds approximately 20,000 SharePoint users every day.

As a Microsoft Partner Network member, Solution Mentors has excellent expertise in delivering SharePoint and Dynamics 365 services and solutions. Our team of specialists ensures that all the processes are configured according to Microsoft’s best practices so that you can reap the maximum advantages of your investments.

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Enjoy privileges of SharePoint and Dynamics
365 collaboration

The platforms' integration brings a lot of advantages for all business sizes, among which the most prominent bonuses are:


Easier Document

The advantages of SharePoint and Dynamics 365 integration allow you to upload documents and partner locations via URLs instead of annotations within the CRM. The processes of document management, updating, collaborative work, and sharing become more productive and simplified.


More Secure Data

Combining Dynamics 365 and Sharepoint features, you are enabled to use a single platform for viewing, sharing, and editing documents as well as checking version history. Simultaneously, the system securely stores documents since they require administrative permission and authorization rights.


Improved Team

Integrating both platforms, you will create, process, and share different kinds of documents easier and faster for teams. All the users can work with Sharepoint documents on one platform that helps to manage and carry out their functions collaboratively, save time and effort on day-to-day processes.

Meet all your business requirements with Solution Mentors

The Solution Mentors company strives to provide top-notch technology and services that are based
on our critical values:

In-depth knowledge

All the Solution Mentors experts never stop developing and refining skills to address customer needs shrewdly and adeptly. We always deploy our expansive knowledge of Microsoft business solutions, technology, and industry that lets the clients' businesses thrive amid global competition.

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We understand that transparency in business leads to trust, so we are open to suggestions and solutions, honest and straightforward with our customers and partners. The Solution Mentors company provides initiatives towards building solid relationships with strong foundations within a team to create a trustworthy workplace and increase productivity.

Streamlined approach

Our IT specialists constantly take all appropriate measures to optimize organizations and enable them to run more efficiently. We provide a streamlined approach to upgrades, implementations, customizations, and integrations to simplify maintaining and reducing costs.

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Professionalism is considered a priority for all the members of the Solution Mentors team. It is a symbol of loyalty, responsibility, and dependability that are fundamental for our organization. We illustrate our professionalism through quality work, higher ethical standards, commitment to the profession, and excellent customer service.