QA & Software Testing

Solution Mentors provides Software QA as Service


When it comes to software quality these days, there is no room for an error. Modern applications demanding end user's experience and technology variety, interoperability, responsiveness, and compliance makes software testing a challenging task. Now software testing is comparable, if not exceeding, the software development process by itself, and requires solid technology expertise, well-defined processes, significant time and resources.

Solution Mentors has rich experience in testing applications - using manual testing and test automation tools (e.g., HP Quality Center, Selenium, and Rational Robot). We also have strong expertise in multi-platform testing, performance testing, and load testing.


Solution Mentors offers a full range of Software QA as a Service, specializing in QA & Testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Automated Testing Services

Solution Mentors offers functional and non-functional test automation services to ensure your applications are working according to the requirements. Our services include creating unit tests (tests assuring particular functionality working as expected), integration tests (tests confirming functional reliability and performance of module interactions) and system tests (end-to-end tests validating application compliance against pre-defined requirements).

Mobile QA

Emerging mobile applications define newly elevated standards for their testing, considering constantly evolving mobile devices, mobile platforms, and mobility standards. Solution Mentors offers a comprehensive set of testing services covering all aspects of your mobile application, including general mobile application QA, mobile automation testing, cross-platform testing, device-specific testing, performance testing, compliance testing, application profiling and much more.

Manual Testing Services

Solution Mentor’s expertise in custom software development and testing services allows us to identify testing methodologies tailored to your application needs. Our manual test services include but not limited to functional testing, regression testing, usability testing, compliance testing to match accessibility standards, smoke testing, performance testing.

Security Testing Services

Solution Mentors provides Web Penetration Testing, Network security assessment, and optionally Security code review services. Web Penetration Tests include comprehensive tests to discover exploits and vulnerabilities of your application. A network security assessment provides a thorough review of the application operating environment. Security core review combined with Web Penetration tests allows us to identify software security vulnerabilities and develop effective action items to eliminate them.

Performance Testing Services

Solution Mentors provides load, stress, and volume tests helping to identify your application bottlenecks and operational boundaries. We analyze application and hardware environments and provide recommendations to improve performance in current and future workloads.

Technology Stack

  • Test frameworks: JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, PowerMock, Mockito

  • UI Testing tools: Selenium Web Driver, Ranorex, QTP/M, TestComplete, SilkTest

  • CI tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, Microsoft Team Foundation Server

  • Mobile platform tools: Silk Mobile, Ranorex

  • Performance testing tools: JMeter