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Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most preferred relational database management systems for businesses. Whether you have a small business, a mid-sized one, or an enterprise, you will be delighted with the solutions this database management software offers. It provides the back-end data storage for applications, enabling authorized users to access the information fast and safely. Microsoft has developed many versions of SQL Server, so you can choose the one that suits your particular workload and demands.

Companies that use SQL Server may struggle with various problems. The complexity of database migration, a slowdown of apps and data generation, or, what is worse, the server crash signal the need to engage database engineers, who can ensure that you are not losing vital information or missing essential features because of mismanagement.

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Database Migration Services

Migrating to a SQL Server platform allows you to rapidly modernize your legacy database by moving to advanced and more efficient technologies. The team of experienced developers will help you plan and execute a migration strategy with a minimum impact on your business continuity. With qualified assistance, you will eliminate the risks and reduce the time involved in migration processes.

MS SQL Server Consulting Services

An expert consulting team aims at assisting you with any aspect of SQL Server operation. The IT specialists will ensure a reliable and secure work of data platform and deliver efficiency-enhancing tailor-made solutions. By following professional instructions and recommendations, you will be able to improve response times, boost performance, and, in the meantime, lower operating costs and risks.

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Move forward with Microsoft technology

MS SQL Server is one of the three market-leading database platforms that can simultaneously work both on cloud-based servers and local ones. It is an ideal option for companies that appreciate stable and fast custom database technology and deals with various Microsoft products.

The statistics of the SQL Server platform presents the following:

  • The market share is around 19.1%;
  • Over 80% of businesses today use it;
  • More than 150 000 companies have successfully applied SQL Server;
  • Microsoft SQL server customers mostly belong to computer software (18%) and information technology and services (12%) industries;
  • 41% of software developers worldwide worked with the SQL Server.

Being a part of Microsoft Partner Network, Solution Mentors has years of technical experience and expertise in all aspects of the MS SQL Server platform. We provide a high-quality service that guarantees speed and security for the data.

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Transform your business through MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server has become an integral part of the business due to multiple essential characteristics - dealing with big data, providing the highest level of security, and increasing your business efficiency.
Here is a brief overview of the advantages it offers for users



Microsoft SQL Server is an extremely secure and advanced database server with complex encryption algorithms that prevent any virtually possible cyberattacks. It possesses better password management features together with strong authentication and access protection security policies that allow only authorized users to enter the database.



MS SQL Server includes built-in transparent compression and encryption capabilities that allow reducing the database size. Consequently, there is no necessity to modify programs on your own in order to encrypt the data. The platform offers efficient access control and permission management tools to enhance data collection performance.



Unlike other database servers, Microsoft SQL Server does not need any extensive command-line configurations. It can be easily installed and updated without a special toolkit that makes it extremely user-friendly. According to the business needs, other components like Integration Services or Analysis Services can be installed separately, if required.

Maintain SQL Server's performance with Solution Mentors

The Solution Mentors company constantly implements new tools and approaches to craft an excellent service business based on these four critical elements:



Solution Mentors team of IT experts has years of experience in planning, supporting, and customizing cost-effective SQL Server solutions. We have migrated hundreds of critical workloads, helping our customers to transform their current database assets. With our proven methodologies, you can be sure that your SQL Server client infrastructure is fully optimized.


Professional assistance

The Solution Mentors company provides 24*7 MS SQL Consulting Services to increase your database's value and ensure the server's streamlined function. Using Microsoft's best practices, our team of support professionals will assist you in all ongoing tasks and processes to minimize downtime and eliminate risks and challenges appearing during work.

Qualified technicians

Qualified database software engineers are a cornerstone of Solution Mentors policy. Our customers always deal with certified technicians who work with Microsoft products and have extensive MS SQL Server experience. Each of our specialists has over three years of industry experience and a deep background in providing database migration and consulting services.


We understand that data security is critical for the company's success. Providing migration services for SQL Server, the Solution Mentors team keeps focusing on a safe strategy to protect you from data loss. Our IT specialists continually improve our services to guarantee a highly secure environment, so you can be sure no viruses or hackers could steal any sensitive data.