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Managed Operations and Support Services for Startups

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We provide a full range of IT services allowing you to focus on growing your business

Advisory Services

Strategic technology advisory services are allowing startups to reach their desired goals and objectives. Assistance with choosing technology stack and infrastructure providers, setting up processes and policies inside your organization, compliance consulting, support and training, and many more.

Managed Services & DevOps

Managed Operations team will ensure that all your on-premises and cloud systems are up-to-date, secured, backed up, and performing optimally. Managed DevOps team will assist with development related processes starting from source control, versioning and issue tracker configuration to build & release, gated deployment, and change control policies. Strong emphasis on integration tests automation.

Custom Development and QA Services

A turnkey software product or service development, including core systems, customer portals, mobile applications, billing integrations, analytics, AI & ML, RPA, and more. A combination of battle-tested enterprise-grade backend technologies and modern universal web apps. Micro-service architecture, container deployment ready, optimized for running in major IaaS providers.

Support and Customer Care Services

Unparalleled customer care, we haven’t had any unhappy customers since the beginning of our journey. Our Support Team works closely with Development, QA and Managed Operations and DevOps teams to ensure the fastest response and resolution.

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How we can save your time & money

Reduce the time of hiring Reduce the time
of hiring

Instant access to 100+ highly skilled IT professionals all over the world.

Reduce the cost of the process Reduce the cost
of developments

A combination of local US and Eastern Europe resources provides competitive rates with exceptional quality and local presence.

Provide a ready-to-work team Provide a ready-
to-work team

Our teams of 3-5 people (cells) are working together for a long time, are autonomous and have strong domain expertise.

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Executive Services

We are committed to provide fully integrated online support suite consisting of helpdesk system, support portal, knowledge base and community forum.

  • Can act as interim CTO/CIO, Can act as interim CTO/CIO
  • Participate in meetings, architecture, compliance, security, etc US based resource
  • Source code organization, Defect tracking system, Wiki, Continuous Integration and Delivery processes


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How we work

Assessment Phase

When you come to us with your startup idea, we're trying to learn as much as possible about your business and our role to ensure that Solution Mentors is the right fit for you. If we’re confident that we can help, we’ll come up with a preliminary proposal.

The proposal serves as a high-level description of our engagement and a corresponding time/budget estimate.

We use early project requirements, historical data from previous projects, and our expertise to initially estimate cost. At this point, the estimate will have the broadest range. As we learn more about the project, the estimate will be refined.

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Research, Design & Planning Phase

Your project starts long before we write any code. Coding focuses on technologies and languages, but preparing for a software project involves the more extensive process of understanding your business, how you'll measure ROI, user needs, potential risks, and future opportunities.

We’ll do this collaboratively – through discussion, sketching out workflows, and deciding on solutions. The best part of all is we don’t require you to learn our language; we communicate in yours.

Once we understand the problem and agree on the right solution, we’ll define the features that support the core application and create an accurate cost and schedule estimate for your software project.


All of our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, extensible, and highly usable software. We begin with the essential features, so we deliver the most value early-on in the process.

We build your custom software incrementally, one fully-tested and fleshed-out feature at a time, rather than creating many incomplete features all at once. We add new value to the project at each iteration. Our process ensures that software is always well-designed and thoroughly tested.

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Operations and Support

Regardless of your startup stage, whether you’re pitching ideas at potential investors or onboarding new customers, having a stable, optimized environment is crucial for success.

Our Managed Operations Services ensure that your systems and software would be up-to-date with the latest services packs and hotfixes, monitored 24x7, backed up, etc. If any infrastructure related issues arise, our IT support engineers will quickly diagnose and fix them.

For mission-critical environments, we can provide direct access to dedicated support engineers who are familiar with your environment and software, know your people or our people working for you, understand business impact and can resolve issues effectively. Even more, they will proactively monitor your systems, analyze historical data, and advise on potential matters so they can be addressed ahead of time.

We are committed to providing a fully integrated online support suite consisting of a helpdesk system, support portal, knowledge base, and community forum.