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Application Managed Services

The shift to cloud computing offers significant opportunities for business growth, yet the complexity of today's technology landscape provokes additional expenses to maintain it. Managed Application Services from Solution Mentors can help you simplify IT operations, improve application performance while reducing operating costs. Ensure your mission-critical applications are kept secure and highly efficient by relying on professionals who develop the solution and know it perfectly.

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Achieve greater efficiency with Application Managed Services

WordPress suite

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, which performance depends on a deep skillset and expert assistance. With WordPress managed services, you can considerably reduce the time you need to spend on maintaining tasks and dealing with updates or security issues. Instead, you can pursue more opportunities relying on ongoing support and management tailored to your needs.

SharePoint Suite

Using SharePoint managed services solves a number of organizational needs, such as saving time and effort needed to monitor and maintain SharePoint Suite.
With professional help, you can smoothly move SharePoint to the cloud, reducing cost and the administrative burden. Keep your SharePoint environment upgraded to guarantee high-performance of routine operations and increase the scope of functioning.


Dynamics 365 Suite

Dynamics 365 managed services include quality technical support provided by a dedicated team to keep your systems running smoothly and maximizing company investment. With a broad range of expertise, strategic guidance and continuous monitoring, you will optimize Dynamics 365 solution, configure new processes to gain benefits from new features and functionality.

SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Suite

SharePoint and Dynamics 365 managed services are designed to provide you with end-to-end consulting and governance while using Microsoft product integration. You will receive practical tools for employee collaboration, productive activities management and enhanced performance. You can be confident of security, seamless operation and proactive maintenance.

Keep the lights on with Solution Mentors

Client-Focused Approach

The Solution Mentors company always puts you, the client, first. With market orientation, we focus on supporting your applications with the right tools, technologies and exceptional service to reduce costs, prevent redundancies and meet your needs and preferences.

Service Excellence Guarantee

Service is at the heart of what we do, while quality service is what drives us and forms the basis of our reputation. Solution Mentors is committed to delivering superior customer experience, maintaining your application portfolio with guaranteed service levels.

Proactive monitoring

Taking into account the importance of critical applications in business activities, our team of professionals offers you proactive monitoring to eliminate any possible risks. We provide sustained support to address issues before they occur and affect your working processes.

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Deep skills pool

Maintaining vital applications requires staff with in-depth knowledge of technology to solve complicated IT issues. Your internal IT department may not live up to your expectations while hiring and training IT staff can be very expensive. All these factors can have a terrible impact on productivity and slow down the company's efficiency.

With Application Managed Services, you can easily delegate all the problematic and time-consuming tasks to professionals and allow your team to concentrate on things that matter. It helps you achieve the maximum outcome from investment in business processes, technologies and fill some skill gaps.

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Application optimization

High-performance applications are more than ten times more cost-effective in contrast to low-performance ones. So, it is not surprising that each of us dreams about a well-developed application management process that can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Choosing Application Managed Services, you will get assistance from a team of IT experts, who will help you expand the capabilities of your IT environment, delivering qualified, all-up support. By improving the performance of essential applications, you can substantially enhance operations and revenue streams.

Predictable costs

Outsourcing application management is usually less expensive than counting on an in-house IT team. It lets you have more flexibility when investing in other business areas and allows you to feel protected from unexpected costs or changes.
When you leverage Application Managed Services, you coordinate a fixed monthly payment plan with your provider. It gives you a clear understanding of what service you will get and how much you need to pay for it. This plan is fully customized to fit your needs and budget resources; it enables you to streamline expenses related to IT support.

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Higher productivity and security

The majority of IT problems can be avoided with appropriate maintenance and the application performance is not an exception. Security risks and downtime can lead to severe IT infrastructure problems, influence productivity and even ruin your brand reputation.
Instead, application managed services aim to help you cope with new regulatory requirements and make sure your apps perform as needed. With the right service model, your applications will be well-supported to eliminate any possible threats of cyberattacks. Technical consultants will assist you in adjusting new solutions to meet the latest industry and security standards.