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Microsoft Exchange is a foundation of unified communication solutions. This business email and the calendaring product, originally designed for corporate clients, has transformed into a huge contact, collaboration and scheduling platform. Including communication and organizational features, it serves to centralize your emails, eliminate mail threats and increase productivity through shared calendars.

Still, Microsoft Exchange is a hassle to upgrade, poor routing configuration leads to mail flow errors, while a lack of constant monitoring provokes data loss and hacking. Luckily, outsourcing complicated IT tasks allows you to avoid any discomfort by cooperating with a team of professionals.

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Migrate smoothly with Solution Mentors Services

Minimize disruptions and reduce the risks with transparent Microsoft Exchange Migration Services from Solution Mentors. IT experts with long experience in the field of data transfer will provide you with pre- and post-migration activities as well as ongoing support. Moving to the latest Microsoft Exchange platform will enable your company to work smarter and more successfully with up-to-date email and calendaring.

Achieve global reach through Microsoft products

Microsoft Exchange offers its customers a complex of services: email, SMS, calendar, voice to text, voice-mail, contacts and tasks – all under one unified messaging mailbox. All these valuable features let the Microsoft product gain popularity and become the most frequently used messaging platform on the market. The statistics indicate the following:

  • Exchange Online is adopted both by small businesses and fortune 500 companies;
  • Over 65,000 companies use Microsoft Exchange;
  • Computer Software (13%), Information Technology and Services (9%) and Hospital & Health Care (6%) are top industries using Microsoft Exchange;
  • Exchange Online market share reaches 67.98%;
  • Cloud Exchange mailboxes represent 61% of worldwide Exchange mailboxes;
  • Among companies with 100+ users, 67% percent have installed Microsoft Exchange Online for emails, contacts and calendars.

Being a member of Microsoft Partner Network, Solution Mentors sticks to the Microsoft best practices to help the companies drive business productivity and ensure availability of Exchange solution without any complexity.

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Realizing all the advantages that MS Exchange can bring to the business, more and more companies
refer to this platform. Here are a few reasons to choose the Microsoft product:


Data Protection

Microsoft Exchange Online has a world-class defense against cyber-crime and email threats, making it a secure solution for your business. Due to multi-layered filters, the system will automatically react to suspicious messages or sophisticated spam and alert about possible risks.


Contact store

Gather all of your contacts in one place to avoid duplication and multiple contact cards. MS Exchange will help you consolidate contact information in a separate unit and group all emails that are part of the same chain. It lets you spend more time getting things done than on organizational details.



Exchange includes essential options like contact management, scheduling, sharing of the calendar. It enables your colleagues to stay informed, work together on projects and exchange information efficiently. With a special shared mailbox, the staff can post updates and make notes using real-time collaboration.

Implement your strategic issues with Solution Mentors

Solution Mentors helps the clients achieve a comparable performance level, leveraging the latest advances in technology. We build our work on crucial points:



Exchange migration can turn into a complicated and risky challenge if it is carried out by non-specialists. The Solution Mentors company feels a huge responsibility towards our customers and tries to apply the best practices to guarantee a seamless migration process. With our mentoring, you can be sure that all of your data is safe and completely transferred.


Extensive experience

Solution Mentors has more than seven years' experience in fulfilling all the necessary phases of MS Exchange migration. During this time, our professionals have implemented numerous successful Exchange projects, introducing powerful new features to the IT environment. We will assist you in planning and executing efficient migrations with minimum downtime.

Proven processes

A proven process is a key component of our policy that has turned into a map that guides the way we work. Solution Mentors uses only well-tested and reliable methodologies when delivering MS Exchange services to avoid any risks or complications. Our IT specialists aim at providing the right solution that best fits the individual situations and needs.

Customized support

Providing comprehensive 24×7 support, we help organizations optimize the performance of Microsoft Exchange, eliminate distractions and prevent critical issues. Solution Mentors team offers secure and hassle-free migration support designed to match all your business requirements. We will ensure the continuity of workflow and assistance in solving complex IT tasks.