Engagement models

Outsource your project to a dedicated team of professionals at Solution Mentors

Solution Mentors offers a comprehensive set of engagement models that can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. We structure our engagement models to maximize the value of working alongside us. We know that no two businesses operate under the same infrastructure, which is why we ensure we fully understand the needs of our clients and the way they prefer to work. We will work together towards a primary outcome, regardless of which option suits your business better.

The right model for you will depend on the size of your business, along with how likely your business needs are to change during our partnership.

You can choose one of the following models: Dedicated Team, Project-Based, or On-Demand. Each model comes with complete transparency to allow you to choose the right option for your business.

Dedicated team engagement model Engagement models in business

You can choose one of the following models

Dedicated Team Model (Cell)

Under this engagement model, we will provide a team of highly skilled IT professionals (Cell) who are located in the US and our Offshore Development Facilities in Ukraine.

We take care of all recruiting, infrastructure, and administrative aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Finding qualified and experienced candidates and helping to welcome them on board as employees

  • Payroll

  • Medical and employee insurance administration along with arranging other benefits

  • Providing a workplace and shared infrastructure

  • Monitoring performance and KPIs

  • Sponsoring business/working visas

A cell is practically a remote extension of your in-house team, which will report to your company management and follow your company's corporate culture and development practices. Solution Mentors provides full transparency between your customers, IT professionals, and us. All compensation details are negotiated between these parties.


Solution Mentors charges a fair service fee to cover administrative functions, leaving you to worry about the more important aspects of your business.

Bonus and overtime administration services are subject to arrangement.

Our Dedicated Team Model guarantees ROI when used for sizeable long-term projects where requirements are continuously evolving. You will remain in full control of the Cell team and be granted direct access to each team member to ensure efficiency and productivity.


Our Project-Based approach is ideal for customers with a clear view of their administration needs. We tailor all of our project engagements based on requirements. The price will reflect the work hours it will take to complete the duties required. We will also take into consideration risks, constraints, and book resources before providing a fixed price and delivery schedule.

If you're not sure about your requirements, we strongly advise starting with the Discovery Phase sub-project when we allocate a team of SMEs, System Architects to collect and document requirements for the project.

Once you're ready to go with your chosen model Solution Mentors will create a Dedicated Team (Cell) of IT Professionals and a dedicated Project Manager located in the US and our Offshore Development Facilities in Ukraine. Involvement with our team is minimized to regular SCRUM ceremonies like sprint planning, grooming, and closing. However, if you want to be a little more hands-on with us, you're always welcome to ask for daily updates.

If requirements tend to change, we can re-negotiate the scope to keep the project inside the agreed budget and time boundaries. Additional work or duties will incur an extra fee outside of what has already been arranged. Otherwise, our Project Based Model gives your company predictable results from a budgetary and schedule perspective while minimizing your day to day involvement in the project delivery routine.

On-Demand Services

Our On-Demand Service Model works best when the work scope or workforce capacity cannot be estimated in advance.

Solution Mentors creates a team of IT Professionals and dedicated Project Manager located in the US and our Offshore Development Facilities in Ukraine. Our Project Manager works alongside your company Project Manager to ensure the administrative duties are fulfilled and backlogs of work are prevented.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) elements are available to ensure that assignments are resolved quickly.

On-Demand Services work extremely well for operations and support activities, problem troubleshooting, service desk, along with other duties.