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"Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much"
(Helen Keller)

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental notions for the Solution Mentors company. We understand that in today's business landscape, "do-it-alone" approach is not the best tactic for success and growth. In its turn, the partnership is highly beneficial as it symbolizes a key to better serving customers through expertise, talent, technology and purpose merger.

Building a long-term business relationship with our partners, Solution Mentors always focuses on our core values: commitment, respect, trust, customer care, and active support. We have a big team of professionals, where all the members work collaboratively and passionately to achieve significant results and together overcome business challenges.

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Partners Program

Improve your business opportunities using our Partnership Programs

Solution Mentors offers five partnership programs to engage in meaningful and productive business relationships. Joining any of the following directions enables you to generate new revenue streams and readily expand your business portfolio.

Referral Partnerships

  • You are rewarded with a commission fee for every referral

  • You get access to top-performing marketing creatives

  • We handle your referred customers and clientele with the utmost care and respect

  • We manage all negotiations, administrative processes and close on our deliveries


Sales Partnerships

  • You identify potential new customers and clientele

  • You handle the negotiation and deal closure as an independent sales representative

  • You receive the revenue for having closed the deal

  • You generate sales-based revenue and make new connections

  • We provide the services, administrative services and account management to complete the deal that you negotiated

Resale Partnerships

  • You handle all negotiations and deal closures

  • You manage the customers' accounts and administrative tasks

  • You deliver our services via our provided user-friendly platforms

  • You increase your revenue by providing our services at an individual, low rate

  • You maximize your client base

  • We provide service delivery


Profit-Sharing Partnerships

  • You gain access to at-cost service deliveries

  • You ease up on your budget and financial constraints while gaining access to affordable services

  • We invest our product development resources

  • We offer our industry expertise and services at budget-friendly, at-cost rates in exchange for a revenue-sharing model

Equity Sharing Partnerships

  • You have four to five people working on your project to gain access to the rates

  • You get the support and service you need to hit the ground running

  • We provide our robust, unusual service solutions at a cost in exchange for equity


Become our partner

Let's develop, grow, and support our businesses together! Become our partner now and reap all the benefits from the collaboration.

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Keep the pace and earn bonuses with us


We understand that it is impossible to achieve success without a good reputation that is an attribute of genuinely earned credibility and superiority. We are concerned about your reputation not less than about ours, so we continuously work towards strengthening the image of both sides and boost overall brand equity. Together will be able to open more business opportunities as well as attract more customers and sales.

Financial asset

Increased revenue is a primary task in our business relationships. We strive to share the same objectives with you and put our resources together, so we can easily solve the problems concerning investment or provide each other with additional market access to gain new sources of income. We stand for cooperation that leads to cost-saving through joint training, marketing campaign and many other mutual actions.

Scale-up of expertise and resources

Sharing resources is one more substantial reason for our business collaboration with you. We can pool resources for sales, marketing, technical solutions or involve the staff with extensive expertise in a certain area. Working together, we will help each other find new approaches to run business processes and tackle particular internal problems without additional investment.

Add value to the achievements with Solution Mentors

We are open-minded

Dealing with the partners, Solution Mentors lays stress on the importance of being open with each other. When we mention openness, we mean our flexibility and readiness to understand the point of view of our partners. Our team is approachable and receptive to feedback and is willing to contribute to the development of the relationship.

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We are reliable

Is it possible to build a solid partnership without reliability? Our answer is "no". Solution Mentors sticks to advanced and responsible management styles to be a reliable partner you can depend on. We always take our commitments seriously as we deeply respect our partners and want to build a trustworthy and transparent business relationship, where all the members are equal.

We are supportive

Solution Mentors builds partnership through the prism of mutual support. We believe that effective collaboration is possible only when each member feels a sense of optimism and support about the cooperation. Shared values and objectives are basic concepts for us and we are ready to sustain motivation and collaboration to move towards common goals.

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We are passionate

Solution Mentors is looking for a partner who will be as passionate about business as we are. Our team of dedicated people is highly determined to work smart in order to meet the goals we set, making the business one of the top priorities. We seek to maintain strong working relationships and stay optimistic despite hard days and possible failures.