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Microsoft Azure is definitely one of the most popular options among other cloud computing services existing worldwide. Its fame is clear and reasonable due to the number of features and opportunities this platform offers. Azure is an excellent tool that helps your company deal with such business challenges as problems with data security, reliability, or data losses.

However, being the user of such a great cloud platform but not an expert in this field, you may experience some difficulties in using its potential to the full. The Microsoft Azure platform will be the perfect solution to maximize your IT processes efficiency and concentrate on key business goals.

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Managed Support Services

The experienced team of IT engineers removes any difficulties in supporting your Azure infrastructure. With our support services, you’ll get 24/7 assistance and maintenance, perfect system efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are a trustworthy safety net for your cloud infrastructure. You can reduce the time for a system restore, all while getting experienced management and regular tests to ensure all system backups are complete.

High-level security services

Azure platform security remains at its highest with Solution Mentors - protection against viruses, phishing attacks, and any other threats or risks. We offer you around-the-clock management and monitoring according to the compliance practices.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration consulting services ensure your workloads are moved seamlessly and safely into the cloud with Azure migration services. As a result, you will get an optimized solution, which fully integrates with a new cloud environment.

Cloud Consulting Services

Solution Mentors is your partner in dealing with all cloud issues that will provide you with the necessary information to meet your business needs. You will be able to enhance business agility, design the right infrastructure, and cut expenses.

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Become a part of the Microsoft community

Microsoft Azure is a unique cloud platform that plays a fundamental role in numerous Microsoft products like Skype for Business, Office 365, Active Directory that outline the basis of the company software ecosystem.

Apart from a wide range of advantages, Microsoft Azure can speculate on really incredible numbers:

  • 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on Azure
  • Microsoft spends $1 billion (US dollars) per year in security to protect customers’ data from cyberthreats
  • Microsoft Azure’s share of the total cloud market reaches 31%
  • More than 20000 customers use Microsoft Azure

As an experienced consulting company, Solution Mentors strategically joined Microsoft Partner Network to provide you with the professional service and expertise that will help your organization reach exceptional heights.

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To experience the full measure of Azure benefits

The reasons for using the Azure cloud platform are numerous, but these 3 top advantages will perfectly illustrate its benefits

Specialization & Expertise


Speed is a crucial point for Azure data platform services and a key feature of competitive advantage. Being fast in operation, deployment, and scalability, Azure is regarded as the cutting-edge technology that makes applications and infrastructure agile.

Lower Costs


This platform gained a reputation in terms of reliability and security. The data is thoroughly protected by the spy-movie environment, two-tier authentication, and application password requirements that significantly reduce hacking and other cyber threats.

Exceptional Customer Care


The Azure platform is available in 140 countries, reaching 54 regions around the globe. Small and big enterprises have the same access to the vast global infrastructure that helps to reduce cost, time and increase performance.

Let us assist you through our professional values

Solution Mentors cares about its customers and reputation. That became a solid ground for following principles and approaches:



Solution Mentors has more than 15 years of experience in successfully designing, deploying, and supporting complex distributed software solutions for private companies and organizations. We spent more than seven years laser-sharp focus on MS technology stack, MS Azure Cloud, and Office 365, which emphasizes deep expertise in this area.


Established process

The established work process is the glue that unites all components in our company together. We do care about the fast, high-grade, and customized delivery of services to maximize your value and help your business grow. With our rich experience, we have created a profound basis for productive cooperation with our customers.


The company’s success is impossible without a strong team the customers and the company itself can rely on. Solution Mentors appreciate their experts who are committed to satisfy the customers’ needs of getting the value they expect; we spend a lot of effort to make the working process as cozy and pleasant as possible.


The low customer outflow proves that we always strive to provide quality service and exceptional customer care. Solution Mentors work on delivering reliable solutions, effective results and regularly focuses on improving our competence. Our partners highly appreciate this approach, and some of them stay with us for more than ten years.